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Become a Volunteer

1. Choose a Committee (Communications, Art, or Policy)

2.   Sign up for the specific committee(s) of interest
3.  Receive your first task(s)
4.  Submit volunteer hours for certification 


Do you love journalism, writing, or  interviewing, all whilst inspiring equity? Then the communications team is for you! In this Committee you will have the chance to interview/speak with Olympic athletes, write blogs and outreach with partners to expand Girls4Sports's mission. 

The volunteers on this team should be communicative and collaborative, while passionate about making an impact.


Our Arts team makes the cards (handmade and E-cards) and crafts we send out to injured athletes and athletes during competition season for inspiration.  

The volunteers on this team do not have to have previous art experience, but should be willing to put in their best efforts into designing cards/crafts for patients.

We filter all artwork and reserve the right to select certain artwork to deliver to patients in order to maintain quality of services



Do you wish to pass policy, lobby for change or advocate? Then the policy team is for you! In this committee you may be asked to write letters of support for policy, network with legislators and campaign for sports equity. All of this can be done virtually. 

No prior experience in policy is needed, but you must be willing to put effort! 

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