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Start A Chapter

A G4S chapter is a branch off of our non-profit that consists of a group of people striving to help young women advocate and pursue sports.  Whether it is a group of 6 people or 50, every chapter is significant and crucial to Girls4Sports's mission. A chapter can be a school club, a community group, or a state-wide initiative.Understanding the difference between a chapter and a project is important. While both may aim towards achieving one goal with a group of people, chapters differ in the way that there is a continuous commitment to maintaining a close relationship with your team members, volunteers, stakeholders, and injured athlete hospitals. Chapters are expected to maintain positive relationships to bring a localized impact to the Girls4Sports mission.


Setting Up:

1. For school chapters only: register your chapter with your school / introduce the idea to school leadership BEFORE you submit an application with G4S

2. Apply to register your Girls4Sports chapter

3. Have an orientation meeting with the executive team

4. Appoint your chapter's officers

5. Organize all forms needed to maintain this chapter ​
6. Plan out goals your chapter will carry out

7. Draft event/fundraiser ideas

8. Recruit members and partners



1. Create flyers to pass out

2. Ask friends to spread the word through socials

3. Advertise in your school newsletter, news show, magazine, or other available forms of communication

4. If your school has a club fair at the beginning of the year introducing all the clubs to the students at your school, have your chapter participate there!

5. Create incentives that encourage people to join



1. Help empower young women to advocate and pursue an active lifestyle. 

2. Gain the opportunity to hold a leadership position and manage a team

3. Improve leadership, organizational, and communication skills

4. Meet new people and work with diverse individuals

5. Earn numerous hours of service

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